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  1. thanks for the information. I live in St. Louis, MO and a I have a santa rita in a pot. I keep it inside during the winter months and move it to an outdoor location once it stays above 50 f . I’ve had the santa rita for over 20 years and it never became very purple. This year I finally did some analysis and determined (as your article mentions) that I was not giving it enough sunlight. So, I decided to move it to a high sunlight area that also receives the typical amount of rain for STL. It has definitely turned purple. I am a bit concerned that it might be getting too much rain. I do have it in soil that drains well. I am keeping an eye on it for rot or fungus and so far so good. Does that sound like a good plan? (a lot more sunlight, but also a lot more rain). Additionally, I have two barrel cactus (50 or 60 years old) that I am trying out in the same higher sunlight , wetter environment. Do you have any thoughts on that? Thanks.

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